How to be a missions mobilizer

The role of a missions mobilizer is to get people involved in missions. George Verwer in his book “Out of the comfort zone and into missions” offers some tips on how to be one:

  1. Walk with God. Be Spirit-filled and a person of prayer.
  2. Take ownership of world evangelism. Set goals and aims (e.g. To send 1 missionary out, support 10 indigenous workers, have 5 mission trips next year, etc.)
  3. Develop a greater knowledge of world missions. Read books, meet missionaries, etc.
  4. Use available tools. Attend mission events, conferences, missions training courses/schools
  5. Church involvement. Be involved in your local church.
  6. Get others involved in evangelism and ministry. E.g. short-term programs, summer programs, long-term programs, etc.

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