You’re half way there!

Attended a prayer and praise worship service at church this evening, which is interesting as most watch night services are typically held at the end of the year.

Nevertheless its great to have a service in the middle of the year too. Its like a half way mark in a race where you think back on how far you’ve come already, and how you’re already half way there!

I came across this verse today in my quiet time, hope it encourages you too.

Psalm 40:5 “You have multiplied, O Lord my God, your wondrous deeds your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! I will proclaim and tell of them,yet they are more than can be told.”

That’s a great thought isn’t it? God’s acts and thoughts toward us are innumerable. Another version calls the thoughts toward us, the plans He has for us.

So I’m really excited with what’s in store for both you and me this second half of 2015. I’m sure God has something wonderful planned ahead!


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