Battery life and eternal life

The other day, my Casio watch stopped so I went to get a new battery to replace the old one. The new battery cost $8 and I asked how long it would last. The shop owner said one, maybe two years. Now, assuming it lasts 400 days, this would mean that the cost of the battery would be 2 cents a day.

Then I had a thought. Inside each of us is a “battery” given by God. God gives us life and keeps our little hearts beating from day to day. How much would it cost you to keep your heart beating for one more day?

There’s no answer to that because God is the one that really decides to keep us alive for another day – our lives are in his hands. If He wants me to die, there’s no amount of money I could pay to prevent that.

On the more positive side, what we must realize is that every day is a pure gift from God. We didn’t (and cannot) earn the right to live one more day. So let’s be thankful to God for life and be conscious of why God is keeping us alive today. He wants us to do His will and do the good works He has prepared for us to do (see Ephesians 2:10).

And for those who do not know God (yet), my prayer is that you may come to know the God who created you and gives you life. Before being saved, we live meaninglessly, trapped in the sinful ways of life handed down to us from our ancestors. God so loved us that He sent his son, Jesus to die in our place, for our sin. Jesus was the perfect, sinless sacrifice, who was able to turn aside God’s judgment on us.

All we have to do on our part is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, accept him as Lord and Savior of our lives, and turn away from our sinful ways. By doing so, you’re saved. You become a child of God and God sees you as righteous, as if you’ve never sinned, because Jesus’ righteousness becomes ours! And because we’re righteous, God welcomes us into his kingdom (Heaven) after we die and grants us eternal life.

Many religions stress the importance of doing good works and accumulating merit in order to attain salvation. However, in Christianity, once you’re saved, you’re assured of your place in heaven. It’s been DONE – when Jesus died in the cross, he said “It is finished.” God’s plan of saving mankind was complete. For Christians, we aren’t saved by good works, but we’re saved for good works.

I’ve digressed quite a bit.

Let’s be reminded of who keeps our lives going whenever we take a glance at our watches. God bless 🙂


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