How do we know we know God?

Sermon notes from Church, from a message by Dr. Oh Boon Leong.

Knowing God personally should be the goal of our life.

How do I know that I know someone personally?
1. Personal knowledge requires informational knowledge.
– you can’t know someone without information about the person
– first step of getting to know someone is getting information
– doctrines about God
– someone can have informational knowledge without personal knowledge but it doesn’t work vice versa.
– But you can’t have personal relationship without information about the person

2. Knowing about God doesn’t mean I know God.
– how do you move from informational knowledge to personal knowledge?
– first step is information gathering
– then to be personal, we talk about things that affect us, matter to us. And we become friends
– Christianity is a relationship to Jesus. Marriage reflects this too. It’s a relationship not a contract.

3. Personal knowledge relies on trust.
– We trust each other to reveal what’s on our hearts. We move beyond just informational knowledge, superficial.
-Eg our concerns, fears, hopes, true feelings, etc.
– people may avoid Christianity as they don’t want to be honest with God. They don’t want to relate with God. They can’t trust.

We need information, we need to get personal, we need to trust.

Heaven is about a person Jesus. It’s not just a place. It’s a home, it’s about Jesus. In God’s house are many rooms. He will prepare a place for us.

“Room”- to do with abiding. Jesus abiding with us. Idea comes from a newly wed couple who moves into a new wing of the house.

God will be there in the house to welcome us home!

Thomas asked about heaven as a place: how do we get there? Jesus answered that heaven is a person: I am the way, the truth and the life.

How do I know that I know Jesus personally?
-We need an “a-ha” moment. The move from informational to personal knowledge when the info about God has moved us.
– we need to be changed in all 3 areas: intellectually, emotionally, volitionally (actions)

Read the bible to gain knowledge. (Intellectually). Feel his love and conviction. (Emotional) See how Jesus affects our lifestyle, how it can be applied to change our life and you do it. (Volitionally)


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