My testimony

A powerful testimony of God’s amazing work in my brother’s life. As told by Seth, my twin brother.

Seth Tan

I am a miracle child saved by the grace of God.  I was born weighing only 1.9 kg whereas my twin brother weighed 2.7 kg. When we were born, my brother Sean was all right and able to go home. But I had to stay in the  hospital for 3 months while my brother was enjoying life at home. Why?

On Day One after I was born, I was supposed to excrete but did not. The surgeon was worried as the meconium (shit) was toxic. Day Two, the surgeon found that there was a perforation (tear) at the joint between the small and large intestines. Apparently, the meconium had hardened  in my small intestine and could not pass through the large intestine causing the perforation. An emergency operation was done to clean out the meconium.  Due to my small size, the surgeon was worried if I could make it and…

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