2 simple suggestions for determining the road to take

Sometimes we do feel that what we are doing isn’t something we enjoy doing, and that it becomes such a weariness and drudgery to us. We wonder if there could be more meaningful work out there, things that would be what God wants to us to do in this short time we have here on earth, things that we would truly enjoy doing and in line with our own strengths and interests. Something that God had meant for us to do.

Well, where do we start once we’ve made our mind up to follow God’s plan for us?

Recently, I’ve been reading the book”Walking in the Will of God” by Steve Mcvey. It’s an enlightening book, which emphasizes on the grace of God, and His love for each of his children.

In one section, Steve describes how we can begin to determine God’s will for us, especially if we don’t have any idea what He wants for us. Here he offers two simple indicators to be a starting point for us.

1. Your Interests
Ask yourself, “What interests me? If money weren’t an issue, what would I want to spend my life doing?” The Bible says in Psalm 37:4

“Delight yourself in The Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

God in fact places the desires into our heart, and then is pleased to give us that God-implanted desires if we walk with Him. Hence, our interests aren’t necessarily contradictory to what God wants us to do with our life. If we trust God, our desires and His will be in agreement!

2. Your Strengths
Ask yourself, “What are my strengths? What do those who know me well say that I’m good at?” You may feel you don’t have any gifts or strengths, but maybe you don’t realize that you have it yet though it’s lying latent inside of you, waiting to be used.

What now?
So what should be our response? Identify your interests and strengths, move ahead in that area, trusting that God will enable you to develop your abilities as you go along in faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you each step of the way.

Examples I thought of which may not be the best, lol
Maybe you enjoy cooking for others, and others say you’re fantastic at baking. However you have no idea how you could make enough money with that. You could start by baking for small receptions and friends on the weekends, earning some money. Over time, it could become a full time job.

Maybe you enjoy doing make-up for yourself and your female friends. Your friends think you’re strong in that. You could start by helping at weddings and other functions as a make up artist, and who knows it could be a career you enjoy.

Maybe you love writing, traveling and seeing new places. Your friends say your photos are beautiful, and that they love it. Maybe you could start a website detailing your travels, with photos, and over time, you could be paid as a travel writer, who knows?

Maybe you love teaching and speaking. You could volunteer to give talks, whether in schools, or in churches, etc.

Hmm, time for my own example – myself.

You may know from the previous posts that I’m a Phd student.
I enjoy writing and reading (that’s why I have this WordPress blog!) and people tell me that I express myself clearly and well. Well, it does seem that I’m using that skill right now, as I’m spending more time reading and writing than doing stuff in the lab (how you think a typical Phd student is). Maybe I could be a science writer after my Phd, or editor for a science magazine, that would be a really cool job I think. See how God leads 🙂


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