Jesus isn’t just a “Good Man”

What makes Jesus so different is that He claimed to be God. His followers believed Him to be God and Jesus Himself said that He was one with God and could forgive sins against God, (i.e. meaning He was God). Jesus said He was the Way to God. He was crucified for blasphemy: His claim to be Son of God.

Everyone must deal with the man called Jesus. We can’t just accept him as a good moral teacher or a good man. He claimed to be God.

The question we must deal with is:

“What do I believe about Jesus?”

There are only 3 ways to view Jesus: Lord, Liar or Lunatic.

•Was Jesus a Liar? 

Most see Jesus as a good man/moral teacher. Ask yourself if a good man would lie and deceive others (that He was the Son of God) and later be put to death for claiming to be the Son of God? He would be the most evil man in the world to on the one hand teach people to live godly lives, and be honest, and deceive people at the same time.

• Was Jesus a Lunatic? Could He have been delusional? 

Jesus’ teachings were very sound and rational. He would have to be totally  delusional to claim to be God if He wasn’t. Could an insane man speak with such clarity of thought on one hand and on the other hand be deluded he was God?

•Was Jesus truly the Son of God?
If Jesus is neither a liar or lunatic, the last option is to accept Him as Lord.

I challenge you to think about the question of who you think Jesus is.

(The idea of Lord, Liar and Lunatic is from the famous Christian writer C.S. Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity”. This issue is also discussed in Josh McDowell’s book “More than a carpenter”.)


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