5 levels of communication

According to John Powell there are five different levels of communication, with different levels of intimacy. The levels are from the lowest intimacy to the highest:

1. Cliché – When we greet each other with simple hellos or “how are you?”

2. Reporting – Limited to sharing facts, explanations or information. Without saying much about what you’re feeling. Just small talk. Sharing the ideas and opinions of other people, without revealing much about yourself.

3. Critique- when you share your own ideas and opinions. You’re being a little vulnerable here but not revealing who you really are.

4. Emotional – when you express your feelings, personal preferences, beliefs, concerns, and also some of your own personal experiences.

5. Peak communication/intimacy – Sharing your inner feelings and preferences. Opening up completely to tell how things are affecting you at an emotional level. Talking from the heart.


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