The Little Things

(Here’s a post I originally wrote on my old blog in 2008)

Little things can mean a lot and they may cost nothing.

I can tell you some of the little things I do every day:

Smile and say good morning to the cleaning lady.
Thank the bus driver on the way down the bus.
Hold the door open for someone.
Share my umbrella with someone.
Offer a tissue.
A kind word.

Sometimes I think, “Why bother? It’s not like they even appreciate it.”

But the fact is that we sometimes understimate the effect of what we do. My bro and I were sick this week and the cleaning lady actually gave us a packet of sour plums to eat. I was really surprised and grateful. I don’t extend my kindness just for some reward, but I think the cleaning lady’s gift was the result of our conversations and friendliness to her.

I know I can’t change the world, but what I do know is that I can change myself, my attitudes and my actions towards others. I’ve still a long way to go and I know I really have many areas to improve in.

“Dear Lord, may I be more like you each day – how you would not ignore anyone no matter how busy you were, how you would be so loving and sincere to each person that asked for your help, how you could love sinners like us who in the end crucified you…. Lord, make me like you”


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