Living Green and Earth-Keeping

In this post, I will mention about this aspect of Christianity called earth-keeping. God has asked to be good stewards, good care-takers of this earth He has created. We have to love this beautiful earth God has made for us. Here I present the sermon outline from Pastor John Johnson, from the Village Baptist Church.

The earth
photo obtained from flyingsinger‘s Flickr page
Living Green
(As adapted from Pastor John Johnson’s message on earth-keeping)
Regarding the environment…
  • Do we care?
  • Should we care?
Reasons for our indifference
1. The belief that temporal things don’t matter
2. Gen 1:28 tells us to “subdue the earth”. Some believe that subduing the  earth allows us to abuse or exploit the earth.
3. The belief that the world is going to be burnt up when Jesus comes.
“The earth is going to be destroyed anyway, so why bother?”
4. Not wanting to be identified with “those environmentalists” e.g. tree huggers / loonies / radicals
Why we should care.
1. The world is falling apart at the seams
• The world population is increasing exponentially
• Human consumption is increasing exponentially
• Loss of species – Biotic Holocaust
• Massive amounts of waste generated
• Diseases and sickness are increasing
2. As believers, we’re mandated to care
• God is the Creator of our earth (Psalm 131)
• Gen 2:15 tells us to serve the earth; we have to protect and guard it
3. In creation, we encounter God (Psalm 19, Romans 1:20)
• God speaks to us through His creation
• If creation is God’s voice, shouldn’t we care for it?
• Revere the Earth like how the Jews revere the temple: serve, care and
protect it
4. Caring for this earth prepares us for future caring of the future earth
5. Affinity of our bodies with the earth
• From dust we were formed, to dust we will return. Our old bodies will
  be resurrected, combined with the new resurrected body
6. The New Earth is this earth, after “renovation”
• How we keep the earth now will determine what God assigns us to do in
the new earth
7. Not caring for the earth tells about your relationship to God (the creator) more than just your relationship with creation
8. Earth-keeping is a good witness
Can Christians be known for their Earth-keeping?
1. Serve the Earth
2. Protect and care for it
Here I also place a link to John Johnson’s blog about the topic of earth-keeping.

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